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Since the last century, glass rocks were widely used in landscaping, gabion material, gardening, and other decorative projects. They are all looks very nice especially shined by some led lights at night.

Landscaping Glass Rock is 100% recycled glass that offers beautiful colors . And the rock does not fade, does not need to be replaced, is easy to clean, and is cost-effective.

Landscaping glass rock is the perfect decorative addition to resorts, restaurants, patios, and personal gardens. Our glass collections are specifically designed to compliment your landscape and add the desired ambiance to make an outdoor space as relaxing and comforting as one indoors.

Choose from a large variety of colors, sizes, and quantity to perfectly match the decor of your outdoor living space.

Sold in various sizes

Landscaping Glass rock is the most commonly used name for our products. This product looks like glass chunks, chips or pieces. It is sold in various sizes and can be used for a wide range of applications from landscaping to table decorations.

Vivid, Unique Colors

Whether you are adding a splash of color to your perfect yard, designing that dream fire pit, building decorative planters, or realizing a landscape vision we haven’t even heard of yet – the vivid, distinct colors of decorative landscape glass adds a unique appearance to any lawn or landscape.

Full dress

Our landscape glass rock is unlike any traditional gravel and is made from 100% glass products. Mix and match colors and sizes with our fire glass collection to completely outfit your yard.


Landscape Bulk/Large Glass Rocks for Vases/Fire Pit/Aquarium

Landscape Glass

Making your yard stand out from the crowd is a tough work. It can be hard to create something eye catching that doesn’t require a large amount of work and upkeep. That’s where glass landscape rocks can be one of the best option. They can be used to create unique and beautiful displays that look gorgeous all year round, without the required water, attention, and upkeep that plants and flowers need.

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Coloured Decorative Glass Pebbles for Vases/Fire Pit/Aquarium

Decorative Glass Pebbles

Glass pebbles are used in all types of design projects. From huge landscaping projects to small flower vases, glass pebbles can enhance them all. Uses for glass pebbles include terrazzo floors, tiles and countertops, decorative concrete, landscaping, garden paths, water fountains, aquarium gravel, swimming pools, flower arrangements, table / wedding centerpieces, fireplaces / fire pits and so much more!

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Exotic Fire Glass Cobalt Blue Black Lava Rock Landscaping

Exotic Fire Glass

A popular new use for glass rock is in fireplaces or fire pits. The glass will not melt and will last forever. The translucent and reflective qualities of the glass rock works extremely well with the fire and adds to beauty of your fire. Large glass rock pieces work best for this application.

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